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My mom was the person that got  me interested in making things with my hands.  In fact, we had to show our Talented Fingers each time we made a gift for each other growing up.  As an adult I still enjoyed making things especially with stamps.  But  I  struggled with what my cards looked like.  I had such a hard time combining stamps into a look I really loved.

Things changed when I attended my first StampinUp workshop with my youngest sister.  All of sudden I loved the cards I made. They looked just like the one that had been demonstrated to me; all the stamps in a stamp set coordinated and the paper and ribbon matched. No longer did I have to struggle over finding things that matched and looked good together. This was great and I was hooked on StampinUp.

My sister was even more hooked than I was and joined up as a demonstrator right away. I loved hearing about all the fun she was having while earning money at the same time. Tthis was something I could do when I retired I thought to myself.  Well, I held out about 4 months and I too became a demonstrator.  I have had the best time teaching what I love to others and seeing them love the projects they create with their own hands.  Now we all have Talented Fingers.